Getting Computer Science Research Grants

Getting computer science research grants is not hard. There are, indeed, several methods through which you can get the said grants.

You can, for instance, visit conferences and symposia where you can network with the people who can later give you the research grants you need.

You can also get into email communication with the people who provide computer science research grants, and over time, convince them to fund your own research. All you need, to get started with this, is an email address, and good (persuasive) writing skills. The email address is something you can get for free at, say,, following the instructions provided in this article. But for this sort of a venture, you will be better off using an email address based on some organization, or an educational institution if you are affiliated to one. Otherwise the people who go through the proposals may not give you any attention.

You can, at yet another level, make a phone call to one of the organizations that fund this sort of research, asking them to finance your project, and if you are lucky, end up being invited for an interview which can culminate in you being given the funds you need to carry out your research.

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