Ways In Which Computer Scientists Spend Their Free Time

Computer scientists spend their free time in various ways.

There are some computer scientists who opt to spend their free time undertaking further reading on their respective areas of specialization. These are the consummate computer scientists, and to many of them, computer science is not really work, but rather, something that they really enjoy.  So they don’t mind spending their free time reading to become even better computer scientists.

There are some other computer scientists who opt to spend their free time undertaking programming work. This is how we end up with those free apps that have become so popular. A bored computer scientist may decide, at a whim, to craft a program that can generate free general car insurance quotes, that being a program that can subsequently be installed to run on, say, the www.thegeneral.com platform which is used by people looking for such car insurance quotes.

Then there are other computer scientists who opt to ensure that they don’t undertake any work-related tasks during their free time. These are computer scientists who opt to spend their time drinking with pals, rearing their kids, visiting friends and so on. They are, in other words, computer scientists who strongly believe in the tenet of maintaining healthy work-life balance.

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